Excel 365 - Installation Guide

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What is Excel 365?

Excel 365 is a spreadsheet application in the Office 365 suite that includes many other applications such as Word 365, Powerpoint 365, Access 365, ... of the famous software company Microsoft.

Excel helps users to record data as well as present information in the form of tables, the software provides a series of functions and calculation tools to process information accurately and quickly with a large amount of data as required.

What's new in Excel 365 compared to old versions?

Excel 365 is an enhanced version compared to old versions such as Excel 2019, Excel 2016,… Included in the Office 365 suite, this version is integrated with cloud computing technology, helping you to stay connected and synchronized according to your needs. real-time, you can work anytime, anywhere.

You can install Excel 365 on many different devices: like computers, tablets, even smartphones. Any changes will be updated on all devices when you sign in immediately.

Besides, when using Excel 365 version, you are always updated and experienced new features.

New calculation functions on Excel 365

  • MAXIFS - Returns the maximum value that matches the given conditions.
  • MINIFS - Returns the minimum value that matches the given conditions.
  • IFS - Check one or more conditions.
  • SWITCH - Returns the first match after comparing the value with a list of results.
  • FILTER - Function to filter data by condition.
  • SORT - Provided to sort data in an array.
  • SORTBY - Sorts the contents of a range or array based on the values in the range or array.
  • UNIQUE - Returns a list of unique values in the range.
  • SEQUENCE - Create a list of consecutive numbers.
  • RANDARRAY - Returns an array of random numbers.
  • CONCAT - Combine text from multiple ranges and/or strings but does not provide separators or IgnoreEmpty arguments.
  • TEXTJOIN – Kết hợp chuỗi với dấu phân tách.

Instructions to install Office 365 – Excel 365

Install directly from Microsoft First, visit the Microsoft Office homepage: https://www.office.com/

Next, you continue to sign in with a Microsoft account or an account issued by your school or work.

After logging in, select Install office as shown below to download the installation file:

After downloading the Office 365 installer, run the file OfficeSetup.exe to install Microsoft Office 365.

The rest, please wait for 15-20 minutes to complete the installation.

After successful installation, you will have 30 days trial Excel 365 and Office 365.


For stable use, Tuan recommends that you buy a copyrighted Office 365.
You can refer to product prices: Compare All Microsoft 365 Plans (Formerly Office 365) – Microsoft Store.

Wishing you a successful installation.

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