TinyPNG image compression tool


TinyPNG tool is one of the most effective image compression tools to reduce the size of PNG, JPG, WEBP images today, let's learn about it.

What is TinyPNG?

Currently, PNG, JPG, WEBP image formats are widely used around the world.

However, their size is not optimized, so the image download speed on the website or mobile application is quite slow for large images, which is also the reason why you will consume more Internet space to download them. .

Therefore, the TinyPNG image compression tool was released in 2016 and gradually gained popularity and popularity.

Is TinyPNG any good?

Below is the image after it is compressed, please see the result!


After compression, the image size has decreased significantly, but the quality is still very good.

How does TinyPNG work?

TinyPNG uses lossy technology to reduce the image size, they filtered and reduced the number of colors on the image, then the image needs less bytes to store data.

There is almost no big difference, but the image size is significantly reduced by up to 70%.

Thereby saving bandwidth, reducing image loading time, visitors are also more satisfied with your website or application

Support WordPress and Photoshop

TinyPNG has a plug-in that supports integration into WordPress and Photoshop.

Please refer to the link below for more information:

How to use TinyPNG

Please visit TinyPNG's homepage as the following link: https://tinypng.com/


Next, drag and drop the image to be compressed into the box so that TinyPNG will compress the image for you.

Once done, select Download compressed images.

Above is an introductory article as well as a guide to using TinyPNG.

Wish you success in applying to work or study!

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