How to use the Unique function in Excel

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What is Unique function?

The Unique function is provided in the Microsoft Office suite version 2016 or later, which you can use to filter unique values. Please refer to this article to learn about usage as well as examples.

According to Microsoft Support, This is a function that returns a list of unique values in a list or range.


Follow the following example:

Hàm Unique

After applying duplicate values were removed.

Thus, the use of the Unique function is:
  • Quickly filter duplicate values.
  • More convenient in office tasks.
  • In addition, it can also be combined with other functions.

How to use


					=UNIQUE(array, [by_col], [exactly_once])
  • Array: array or range of cells to filter (Required).
  • By_col: filter by column or row (TRUE/FALSE) (Optional).
  • Exactly_once: filter for only unique values or representative values (TRUE/FALSE) (Optional).

Above is an article on how to use the Unique function in Excel.

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