How to use the MAXIFS function in Excel


What is the MAXIFS function?

The MAXIFS function is a new function in Excel 2016, used to find the largest value that satisfies a given condition

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The function: MAXIFS returns the smallest value that satisfies one or more given conditions.

Follow the following example:


I applied the function MAXIFS to filter out the highest score among the girls.

Range D3:D17 is score, range C3:C17 contains gender, I condition this range to match female.

The result is 10.0.

How to use


					=MAXIFS(max_range, criteria_range1, criteria1, criteria_range2, criteria2,...)
  • Max_range: The data range to find the highest value.
  • Criteria_range: The area where the condition needs to be set.
  • Criteria: The condition.


  • The function only applies to Excel versions from 2016 or later, see instructions for installing Excel 365 here.
  • Does not distinguish uppercase or lowercase characters.
  • You can use wildcard characters like * or ?.
  • The max_range and criteria_range coordinates must coincide to avoid the #Value! error.

Above is an article on how to use te function MAXIFS in Excel.

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